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Poem title - The Aftershock (see at bottom)

Medium - Pencil and ink on paper

The Aftershock

A modern man, like cellophane
Like belly fluff, like daisy chain
Superfluous and trouble free
Like plumbers with a PHD
Too much to give, too late to take
A sedative, a well-earned break
Responsible for all the ills
Of rape and plunder, porn and pills
Like rubber bullets, ricochet
Bouncing mullets, Groundhog day
For modern life, reflects the past
Informs the future, man surpassed
By all that he had hoped to conquer
Yearned to free, sought to saver
A modern man, like lemon juice
Like sour grapes, a man obtuse
Devoured by his bitter haste
The aftershock; the aftertaste